13 – 19th Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

So this is my first Bullet Journal post here on Liv’s Little Blog. I am very excited to show off my spread this week and hope you are inspired.


Here is how i set it out at first. Starting out with a pencil is a great tip as if you mess up or want to change the design you can easily do so without making a mess of the page. To start off i made a banner along the top only 1 square deep. I then created 5 rectangular boxes each 5 squares deep and 18 squares wide on the right hand side of the page, leaving a blank line between each one. On the left side i made the top box 6 squares deep and 7 squares wide, i then sectioned the top line off. Leaving a blank line i made the next box 10 squares deep and again 7 squares wide, i also sectioned off the top line of this box too. I then made the last box on the left 11 squares deep to match up to the boxes on the right, this was also 7 squares wide. Finally i made 2 boxes along the bottom, ensuring i left a blank line again. Each box is 6 squares deep and 12 squares wide with 2 squares as a gap in the middle. Again i sectioned off the top line of each box.

Here you can see how i filled the spread. For the top bannerbujo2 i wrote
in the date of Monday to Sunday, here it being the 13th to the 19th of August. The in each of the boxes on the right i filled in the day using abbreviation and then the date. On the left, in the top box i wrote out the calendar for August and later on highlighted the week in question. The second box is for notes and the last one for shopping
that i need to buy. To finish off i wrote the day and date in full on the sectioned off line of the bottom boxes. To make the page look much brighter and colourful i highlighted each box where the day and date is including the notes and shopping banner. As you can see in the picture, here is my finished weekly spread.

I found inspiration for this spread on Pinterest however i cant remember the account or i would link it down bellow.

I hope enjoy this weekly spread idea and take inspiration from it, why
not try out your own bullet journal spread and send me photos on
twitter @LivsLittleBlog and i’ll be sure to check them out.


  1. I never even knew they existed until a couple of weeks ago! Mine’s arriving tomorrow and I’m soooo excited to get organised properly (it’s all gotten too much just using my phone and iPad). This was a great idea, I may end up pinching some ideas from it 🙊

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