5 Ways To Cope With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Being Away

1. Keep yourself busy

This is one of the main ways to distract you from getting upset and missing your significant other. One way to stay busy is by making plans with your friends. Be sure that you don’t isolate yourself as this will cause you to get really lonely.

2. Communicate With Your Partner

Make sure to stay in contact with your other half. Even if it’s just a quick text or call, it can make a huge difference if you’re missing them. That little bit of communication and make you feel so much better. If you’re worrying about what they might be up to, this is your chance to ask them questions and make you feel reassured.

3. Devote Time To Your Hobbies

Taking time to complete hobbies and interests means your mind is on other things rather than constantly thinking of how much you’re missing your SO. Hobbies that you love also can make you feel better and happier as it is hard when you’re missing someone.

4. Buy Presents For When They Come Back

If you organise presents and surprises for when your girlfriend/boyfriend gets back it shows just how much you were missing them. This can eliminate any doubts you may have about what has been happening when you’ve been apart.

5. Plan The First Things You’re Going To Do When They Get Back

Planning a special first day back can be the best way to get through your time away from each other. It gives you something to look forward to and keeps you moving forward. You could organise a day drip out or even just a movie night in, anything special will do the trick.

sam at cinema

Here is a photo of my boyfriend Sam on the night he came back from a lads holiday to Benidorm for a week. We decided to go on a cinema date to watch Oceans 8, although he did fall asleep half way through the film due to having a lack of sleep while being away (as you can imagine with it being a lads holiday.) When he got back he surprised me with my favourite perfume ‘Si’.


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