September Goals

I cant believe we’re already in September!! This year has flown by and i can’t believe how mad it has been. I’ve had my fair few ups and downs however at present I’m so happy and content and really couldn’t ask for anything more.

For September, my main aim is to grow my blog. As i only started Liv’s Little Blog less than a month ago, my blog is still only small but i sure am dreaming big. I feel as though i have started off well but i hope to continue with this further into the year. I will be growing my twitter too, to help with getting my name out there and get noticed. I also have a Pinterest account i wish to continue promoting and having fun with.

My next goal for this month is to get back into my gym routine. Since mine and Sam’s relationship has become stronger and stronger we have both practically given up on the gym and I’m really starting to feel it. When i go to the gym i feel so much better in myself and much happier in general. My skin also seems to clear up so much as I’m getting healthier and drinking more water.

As i started my bullet journal in August i am determined to continue it through September. Bullet journaling has kept me so much more organised and has really brought the creative side out of me. I can tell even just doing day to day tasks how much bullet journaling has impacted on how i think and act, making me much more ON THE BALL and making sure i sort everything i have to do. If you haven’t already tried starting your own bullet journal i would definitely recommend it. Even if its just plain and simple it is still very effective, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece like some of the spreads you may see on Pinterest. Be sure to check out my bullet journal spreads HERE.

My final goal for September is to make sure i appreciate my family. As life is very busy, i sometimes don’t have enough time as i wish to sit down and just have a chat with my parents. I know that it makes them so much happier when we do have a catch up and a good old chin wag. Even if just once a week i go have tea with my grandad or grandma, it will be achieving my goal and making me feel so much better.

Have you made any goals for September? If so, let me know what they are in the comments below x


  1. Such good goals – mine are very similar, especially on growing the blog! It’s nice to be starting out at a similar time to people such as yourselves so we can help each other to progress (I’m already following your journey on twitter). So we can do this together 🙂 xxx

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  2. Isn’t it crazy how much bullet journalling can help you? Even if you had the busiest day, just a few minutes of BuJo-ing can make you feel so much better!! I think it’s the colours… And being creative in little pockets of the day x

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