Top 10 Biggest Pet Peeves

Here is a list of all the little pet peeves i have. There are just the little things that drive me crazy! Please leave a comment and let me know what your biggest pet peeves are.

1. Small cars in car parks

I hate it when small cars are parked in a parking space on a car park. You end up getting your hopes up thinking you have a space to park and next minute you’re turning into the back of a mini car.

2. People who seal a ziplock bag without removing the air first.

This drives me crazyyyyy! The whole point of ziplock bags is to keep the air out???? Madness.

3. Adults who say “yummy”

This makes me feel a little bit weird. If they’re are just talking to a young child, it isn’t too bad but if they’re talking to their friends…. not right.

4. When people go to irrational lengths to keep their middle name a secret.

I will never understand this. Even if your middle name is AWFUL, there is no point, someone will definitely find out eventually so why waste your time.

5. People who interrupt you while you’re talking

I think this is so rude. If you’re talking to me, let me finish what I’m saying, how hard can it be?? If you’re not going to let me speak, what’s the point.

6. When you hold the door open for someone and they don’t say thanks

Another thing I find so rude. If I’m being polite and nice enough to go out of my way to spare you the inconvenience of having to open the door yourself, at least say thanks.

7. Little crumbs in my bed

I. Hate. This. The. Most.

8. Slow internet

This must drive everyone insane. I just always want things to load AS SOON as I click it, if not then I just rage quit the page….oops.

9. When you ask a person what’s up and they reply, “The sky”

I know I’m sarcastic but this is just too far and annoying. Anyone who does this needs to re-evaluate themselves.

10. People who don’t put the gym weights back where they belong

I don’t go to the gym often, but when I do, I expect it to be in perfect condition and all in order. It doesn’t take much to put something back where it belongs.

I’m sorry if I may come across a little agitated and annoyed in this post, these just drive me insane 😑😠😑😠😑


  1. People who interrupt SUCK! I hate when people talk over you too, especially when you are on the phone so they try to cut you off. Little crumbs are such a pain too – like you don’t even see them but suddenly you feel them… I also have recently really come to hate when you say ‘oh my god’ and some douche canoe says ‘you called…” like get over yourself already! #iLoveThisPostTooMuch

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