Top 5 Date Ideas

1. Food

Getting food is mine and Sams favourite date! There’s nothing better than sitting down having really good food. Whether it be expensive or cheap, either or, I think it’s great.

2. Cinema

I LOVE cinema dates! They are so chilled and are great for cuddling up. There is always something on at the cinema that looks interesting to watch and I’m sure during winter me and Sam will be spending lots more time at our local Vue Cinema.

3. A Walk

I can’t lie, I love going on night walks. I think they can be so cute and are a great time to de-stress and talk about your worries to your SO.

4. A Visit To An Animal Shelter

Me and Sam recently visited a dogs home where there was so many cute little dogs ready for a new home. I think it is a great date idea as dogs put everyone in a great mood and will always cheer anyone up. You know what they say, dogs are a mans best friend.

5. A Chilled Night In

Finally, I love a good chilled night in my cozy jumpers and leggings with Sam. Watching movies, eating chocolate and getting cuddled up is the perfect way to spend an evening in my opinion. Can’t go wrong with a movie marathon!

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  1. I love all of these! We do most of these on a really regular basis bar the cinema. I just always forget about it but when we go we really enjoy it. We’ll have to schedule a cinema date soon I think 🙂 thanks for the inspo lovely! x

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