OOTW 23-09-18

Finally, I’m back doing my Outfit Of The Weeks, this week I’m throwing it back and showing you guys what I wore for the first day at Parklife. I absolutely love Parklife and already can’t wait for next year!!

Firstly, my bodysuit is from Pretty Little Thing. It’s not the most comfortable bodysuit, but in my opinion it looks very ‘festivally.’ It buttons up at the bottom to make it easy for toilet trips. Unfortunately I think they have discontinued this bodysuit due to the festival season finishing.

Next up is my skirt. It is also from PLT and is one of the most comfortable skirts I own. As the outside of it is PU it may not look it, but the inside is soft and it is also very stretchy. HERE is the link.

My shoes are the classic Vans which I wear literally every single day of my life. Unfortunately, due to their over usage, they are getting a little battered and I could probably do with a new pair. I think everyone needs their own pair, so i’ll leave a link HERE to the website.

Finally, for accessories, my bum bag and sunglasses are from Pretty Little Thing too. The bag has to be the best bum bag I’ve ever owned but unfortunately… my dog chewed it so I couldn’t use it for day two, or ever again for that matter! Link for the bum bag HERE. And for the sunglasses, they weren’t the best but they matched my outfit so I just wore them on my head and winged it. HERE is the link to the sunglasses if you fancy picking them up.

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