October Goals

October is finally here and I’m so excited! For my first post of Blogtober I will be sharing my October Goals. During September I conquered some of my goals but failed at some too. This month I’m absolutely determined to stick to the goals I set myself.

My first goal for October is to get back to the gym. I set myself this goal for last month but unfortunately life got in the way and I was far too busy. I’m hoping this year I can make enough time to go to the gym with my boyfriend at least 2 a week. Im desperate to get into my dream body shape as next year me and my boyfriend are hoping to go travelling and I want to be able to as comfortable as possible in myself.

The next goal I’m setting myself if to get more traffic from Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account already, however I am not very consistent on it. I would love to be able to increase my Pinterest following and turn it into traffic to my blog!

Another goal of mine this month is to make sure I get as many tweets/blogposts/instagram posts scheduled as possible. This is because I know the next few months are going to be very busy as my A-Levels are getting closer and closer. Scheduling posts will the take stress off she busier months.

For my 4th goal, I’m hoping to introduce a guest post on my blog once a week. I want to give others an opportunity to share their writing, thoughts and experiences. If you would like to take part in this new series I’m going to start, please leave me a comment leaving a link to your blog and your email 😊

My final goal is to try to increase my blog DA. At the moment it is very low so I’m hoping to bring it up for further opportunities. I hope to do this by taking part in more guest posts.


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