Get To Know Ellie

I have introduced a new series here on Liv’s Little Blog, it is the Get To Know series. I have been flirting with the idea of doing a series like this on my blog for a while. The basic aim of the series is, I choose a fellow blogger to do guest post on Livs Little Blog and they share their own personal experiences/stories and we get to know them! To take part in this series, please drop me an email at or leave a comment under this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Hi everyone I’m Ellie! Me and Liv are doing a collab today and i’m really happy were doing this because it’s my first time ever doing a collab with another blogger! I hope you enjoy! If you want to see Livs blog post on my account you can check it out here:

1. Tell us about yourself, and an interesting fact!

My names Ellie, I’m 14 from England, I have 2 brothers and I’m obsessed with YouTube ahaha! (I’m not really that interesting lol)

2. Why did you start blogging, and how long have you been doing it for?

I started blogging because I’ve loved writing ever since I was little and everyone that I looked up to wrote blogs so I thought why not give it a go! It’s like my own little space on the internet where I can express my feelings freely without been judged or hated on… I’ve been doing my blog for just over 3 months and I absolutely love it!

3. What was your main aim when you starting blogging?

My main aim when I started blogging was honestly to do it just for fun because I love writing and sharing my feelings so much! And to be honest, it was a way to escape from my real life where things weren’t going so well.

4. Where do you see your blog in 12 months time?

Hopefully it will grow and hopefully I can make a name for myself… I really want to make some new friends on here too and the main thing really is just to have fun!

5. Do any of your friends/family know about your blog? If so, do they read and approve?

I haven’t told anyone but I’ve mentioned to my mum about starting one and she thinks it’s a great idea so yeah I think she’d approve if I told her.

6. Are you a night owl or do you prefer the daytime? Why?

A night owl definitely!!! I don’t really know, to be honest, I just feel more productive during the night and it’s when mostly everyone’s asleep so they can’t really bother me and I can just be in my own little element writing blog posts!

7. What is your idea of a perfect day/night?

Probably just a hot bath, a face mask and a film.

8. If you could go and live in a different county, where would you go and why?

I’d love to live in Australia because the weathers gorgeous and the views are amazing to go visit!

9. What is your dream job and why?

A blogger because I love to write and express my feelings whilst having fun! It’s also great to connect with people, just like Liv!

10. What is your favourite season? Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Why?

I love spring, mainly because my birthdays in spring haha.. I also like it because I love warm weather and it looks beautiful when all the flowers come out! The best thing about spring is the smell of the lawn clippings when the grass has been cut! It just adds to the spring vibe hahaha x

Be sure to check out Ellie’s Twitter and Instagram and give her a follow! I’d like to thank Ellie for taking part and being my first guest post on this new series on my blog!


  1. This is a cute idea. I’d like to be involved in something like this one day if possible. Not sure if you’re readers would like me, I’m a bit nuts. And my content is sometimes a bit dark and other times it’s full of positive vibes. Like Tigger and Eeyore are one person.

    I’d like to suggest an extra Q. Ask your interviewee to share their favourite blog post they’re written and why it’s their fave. Also… Hi Ellie.

    Liked by 1 person

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