OOTW 07-10-18

For this weeks outfit, it is one I wore to a recent rounders presentation evening I attended. It is a very classy outfit and one that can be worn to other formal events.

So, firstly the top I wore was from Topshop. I have worn it so many times and I absolutely love it! Before I found this top, I was on the hunt for soooo long looking for the perfect bardot top and I have finally found it! Unfortunately, I bought this top in the Isle Of Man and can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Topshop website.

Next up, the jeans. In the past week, 3 pairs of my jeans have ripped and ended in holes so basically, this is my only pair left. I normally use these jeans to work in but luckily, they’re so comfy and still look great! HERE is the link for the Topshop jeans.

Unfortunately in these pictures I didn’t put my boots on (oops) but as you can see from the photo of them, they’re very well worn! They are from Topshop so it is not surprising they are very comfy and as it is a wedge heel they are much easier to walk in compared to a pair of heels. I totally recommend these boots! The link to the boots is HERE.

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