Get To Know Jennifer Rose

For today’s ‘Get To Know’ post, taking part is Jennifer Rose. She has an amazing blog so you could definitely check it out HERE! Also give her a follow on her TWITTER and INSTAGRAM too! x

1. Tell us about yourself & an interesting fact!

I’m 21, from Liverpool in the North West of England, I like baking, binge-watching TV (Killing Eve, most recently) and books. I guess something interesting about me is that I’m a twin (non-identical, she’s my best friend, too!).

2. Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I started blogging in August this year. I started my blog for a few reasons. First, because I’d said for a long time I’d love to give blogging a go. Second, so I could get through my final year of uni (I needed something fun to get me through!). The last reason is just to get myself out there more. I’d love to write for a living, so I guess the blog is as much about getting myself noticed and seeing if I realistically COULD do this as it is for fun.

3. Who is your main inspiration in life?

My main inspiration in life is my Mum. She had me and my twin sister premature, and went through years of IVF to have us. I’m really inspired by how strong and loving she is, despite all the hard things she’s gone through. I hope, if I’m ever a Mum, I’ll be as good as she is.

4. How do you feel about feminism?

I’m all for it! So many women before me have struggled to be heard over dominant men so I’m glad women now are fighting to be heard. There are still aspects of feminism I know little about, so I’m still learning, but I’m proud to call myself a feminist.

5. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in life?

I mean I’ve only been alive 21 years, which is pretty strange to think about, but I’d say the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in life is that friends are fleeting. I had so many friendships when I was younger that ended and it upset me but, as I’ve got older, I’ve realised that friendships aren’t always “forever” and people will always come and go. Through this, though, I’ve met a lovely group of friends who are so incredibly supportive and- unlike other friendships- I can see us lasting!

6. What would you say to someone who is going through a tough time at home?

I’d say keep going. Times are hard, relationships are hard, family life is hard. Just make sure you can still find joy: read that book, go out with that person, find something that makes you happy (there’s always something!). If things get too hard, talk to someone and tell them what’s happening, someone can and will help in whatever way they can.

7. Where do you see your life in 10 years time?

I’ll be 31 (eek!) so I’m hoping by this point I’ll have moved out of the family home and be settled somewhere, either with someone I love OR with as many dogs as possible (either’s fine!). I’m also hoping I’ll be doing a job I love and will possibly have published (or will be on the way to publishing) something I’ve written.

8. What is your dream job and why?

My dream job is to write full time because, since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve had stories read to me or I’ve written them so- as cheesy as it sounds- writing has always been a part of my life, so I’d love it to be my job. If not, my second dream job is to have my own little reading cafe, where people bring books and read, or I read to people and everyone enjoys freshly baked cakes and treats.

9. If you could go and live in a different country, where would you go and why?

Tough question! I guess Spain, because I’ve gone to Spain on holiday for years and whenever I’m there I feel at home.. plus pastel de nata every day? No brainer!

10. What is your idea of the perfect day/night?

I guess the perfect day starts with breakfast, then walking my dog and probably spending time with my family watching TV. A perfect night is either a chilled one watching a movie/show with family/friends or a night out with the girls followed by drunken McDonald’s!

Thanks to Jennifer for taking part! If you would like to be a part of the ‘Get To Know’ series please leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to get in touch!

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  1. This was such a cute post! Nice getting to know someone in a little segment and so special she is so on identical twin from IVF. Her mother must have so much love for them and be so proud. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo, Michelle

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