I’m Back!

Hi guys!

So… I’m back!

I have recently been on a break from blogging for the past couple months and I can honestly say I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the community and how amazing everyone is. I’ve missed the way I can express my thoughts through blog posts and most of all, I’ve missed being able to take a break from reality and any problems whilst I write my posts. It really is a form of escape for me.

I decided to dedicate a post to letting you all know that I’m ready to come back to blogging and I’m as motivated as ever. I can’t wait to catch up on reading all of your blog posts that I’ve missed and keeping in touch with you all.

Not too much has changed since I started blogging. I am still at college – the work seems to be getting so much harder – and I’m still with my boyfriend Sam, making so many memories every day.

I have decided to change from a lifestyle blog to posting more fashion and beauty related content. I have always had a passion for makeup and beauty products combined with my love for dressing up in fancy outfits, I thought this niche would be perfect for me! I have done a few posts in the past such as my Mac Lipstick Review and my Outfit of the Weeks, which are down the lines of what i am looking to do with my blog, and I absolutely loved writing them!

So, if you’re interested in fashion and beauty, please be sure to follow my blog and find me on Insta and Twitter so we can become friends!

Until next week x


  1. Yay!! Welcome back!! The community has missed you! But I am glad you took a much-needed break. Looking forward to your new niche. I love beauty and fashion but definitely have lots to learn from people like you! ❤

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